Product Description:

The 8341HA-5 Handheld GPS and Cell Phone Jammer is aiming at car tracking,camera spying for those security Units and individuals to protect their privacy.It is multi-fuctional since it can not only jam the all GPS signals but also the mobile phone frequency.In the radius of 5-20 meters range of effectively  jamming GPS signals and wireless candid transmission signals,you do not worry about the whereabouts of being tracked, candid.


1.Effective prevention of GPS satellite positioning and tracking, protect your privacy and confidential information.

2. Effectively  shielding CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G mobile phone signals.

3.Can shield 2.4GWIFI wireless transmission signal.

4.High power, small volume, light weight, wide coverage, convenient to carry.


Jamming frequencies:CDMA800,GSM900,DCS1800,PCS1900,PHS,WiFi,GPS etc(depending on what you choose)

Jamming radius:5-20 meters

Transmit  power per path:1W±200mA

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